The Leaders of North Korea and South Korea Will Meet on April 27th

  • The leaders of the two countries will meet for the first time since 2007 at Freedom House on the southern side of the Demilitarized Zone
  • The Trump administration seems encouraged, and if the planned meeting in May between Pres. Trump and Kim Jong-un takes place it will be the first ever meeting between a sitting US President and a member of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled North Korea since the country’s formation in 1948

Police in Britain believe the Skripals were exposed to poison at their front door

  • Yesterday British authorities said that although they were eventually found sitting on a park bench, ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned by a nerve agent deployed at their front door
  • This official statement follows a number of theories about the method of poisoning which had spread in the media, including theories that they had carried it with them from Russia in luggage and that it had been planted in their car’s ventilation system
  • This official announcement comes days after unprecedented global diplomatic actions were taken by western nations against Russia, in which over 20 countries expelled over 130 Russian diplomats and officials
  • We would like to note that Russia’s involvement has not been proved, despite the extensive political actions which have been taken internationally: the police investigation is still in its early stages, as can be seen by the fact they’re only just now saying where the attack took place with this announcement; official documents have expressed uncertainty about what type of agent was used; and the nerve agent they’re saying was possessed by Russia alone was sold on the black market as early as the 90s

VA Secretary David Shulkin has been fired, replaced by Ronny Jackson

  • Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has been replaced the man who is currently the President’s personal physician, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson
  • Pres. Trump thanked Shulkin for his service on Twitter, and a White House official said that Shulkin was no longer effective in his role because of “distractions” having to do with a trip to Europe last year in which he reportedly spent time sightseeing and had inappropriately accepted Wimbledon tickets

Government of Ecuador has cut off Julian Assange’s internet access

  • Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has had his internet cut at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, with Ecuador saying they’re doing this to prevent him from interfering in other countries’ affairs
  • This comes after Assange used Twitter to question the decision to retaliate against the Skripal attack by expelling Russian diplomats

Brother of Seth Rich is suing three organizations

  • Aaron Rich has filed a lawsuit against Ed Butowsky, Matt Couch, America First Media, and The Washington Times, accusing them of acting ‘with reckless disregard for the truth’ when it comes to the murder of his brother, Seth Rich

Funeral to be held today for Stephon Clark

  • Clark was killed on the night of March 18th by police officers who shot him 20 times in his grandparents’ backyard after the officers responded to complaints that someone was breaking car windows
  • Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to deliver a eulogy at the funeral
  • Protests have been taking place in Sacramento since the shooting, including demonstrators who blocked thousands of fans from entering Sacramento Kings games twice the past week and hundreds of activists who crashed a community forum in City hall

Anger as Pope refuses to condemn abuses in Canada against indigenous communities

  • Pope Francis will not apologize for its role in a Canadian system that forced generations of Indigenous children into boarding schools which a Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission described as “cultural genocide” in 2015
  • This decision comes after personal appeals from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  • The president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote on Tuesday that the Pope “felt that he could not personally respond”

At least 68 dead in Venezuelan prison fire

  • The country’s attorney general has said that at least 68 people died after a fire erupted during a riot at a jail in the city of Valencia
  • This announcement was delivered hours after crowds of family members had gathered outside of the prison, with some clashing with police in riot gear and being hit by tear gas
  • Gunfire was reported as the rioting began, and four prosecutors have been named to investigate the causes and circumstances which lead to the deaths

Al-Sisi heading towards landslide win in Egyptian elections

  • Egpytian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has won almost 92 percent of the 25 million votes counted so far
  • This comes as he faces off against one little-known challenger who announced his candidacy recently, following several political rivals quitting the race at the start of the year
  • The overall turnout appears low at less than 40 percent this year

Today is the opening day for Major League Baseball

  • The season opener is the earliest in history thanks to a revision in the collective bargaining agreement allowing for more days off in season
  • 15 matchups are taking place today

Futures are higher as tech stocks recover

  • Futures on the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, and the S&P 500 are all up slightly this morning
  • Tech stocks from companies like Facebook and Tesla have partly recovered from sharp drops yesterday

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