News Roundup

School resumes at Stoneman Douglas High School after Parkland shooting

  • Students entered the school by passing police officers and well-wishers lining the streets, two weeks after a former student at the school shot and killed 17
  • A group of lawmakers from both parties will meet with President Trump at the White House today to discuss gun legislation, with the main goal in mind being legislation to increase background checks
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott met with Miami-Dade lawmakers to discuss a $500 million increase in funding for school safety measures including an increase in the number of law enforcement officers and mental health counselors, more metal detectors, and the creation of an anonymous tip line

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks spent eight hours in front of the House Intelligence Committee

  • Hicks reportedly told lawmakers that she sometimes tells white lies as a part of her role working for Pres. Donald Trump, although she said she never lied about Russia’s alleged attempt to influence the U.S. election
  • She spoke only about her work on the campaign trail

NSA Chief Mike Rogers warns of continued Russian election interference

  • Adm. Rogers told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he lacked a go-ahead from Pres. Trump to go after the Russian attacks at their origin, and that he doesn’t have the “day-to-day authority” to do so independently: “I’m an operational commander, not a policymaker”
  • “Nobody is denying him the authority,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders when asked about Rogers’ testimony

Teachers will go back to work in West Virginia

  • After a ‘cooling off’ period tomorrow, Gov. Jim Justice announced that teachers in West Virginia will return to school with a 3% raise for all state personnel and a 5% raise granted to school employees
  • The deal still needs to be approved by the legislature, but Gov. Justice is confident it would pass

Supreme Court deliberating on free speech at voting booths, warrants on data stored abroad

  • The Supreme Court will hear the case of a man who wore a Tea Party shirt while going to vote and was stopped in Minnesota by a poll worked citing a law which forbids voters from wearing political badges, buttons, or other insignia inside polling places
  • Yesterday the Supreme Court began hearing a case involving Microsoft’s storage of emails abroad, in Ireland – the company had contested a domestic warrant to access a criminal’s emails stored abroad

States with recreational marijuana have had a disproportionate rise in pedestrian deaths

  • Pedestrian deaths have reached levels not seen in years, rising sharply in the first 6 months of 2017
  • Although the study quoted is “not making a definitive, cause-and-effect link to marijuana,” the data is “a marker for concern” and “an early indicator to address”

New Guinea’s largest ever earthquake kills 16

  • The Pacific nation has been hit by its strongest ever earthquake at 7.5 magnitude which has killed at least 16 and reportedly caused “catastrophic havoc and destruction”

Despite cease-fire, Syrian forces gaining ground in Ghouta

  • Hours into the second day’s attempt at implementing a Russian truce, government shelling intensified in towns near front lines, with Moscow saying that rebels were not implementing the truce and were blocking aid, and with the rebels denying these claims, saying they weren’t bombing corridors and that people simply didn’t want to leave because they lacked a safety guarantee
  • This follows yesterday’s attempt at a truce, when according to Moscow rebel forces broke the terms of the truce and so rendered it null and void

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