News Roundup

Georgia Lt. Gov. threatened to pull support for Delta in response to severing ties with the National Rifle Association

In statement Sheriff’s Deputy who didn’t go into school defends his actions

  • Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson disputed the characterization that he was a “coward,” with his lawyer calling the allegations that his performance failed to meet standards “patently untrue”
  • The statement apparently contradicted that of his sheriff, Scott Israel
  • There was apparently confusion over whether the shooter was inside or outside due to a 20 minute delay
  • Fox is reporting EMS teams were frustrated about being told to stay outside

Floridian legislators raise age to get guns like AR-15

  • The laws would raise the legal purchasing age of firearms to 21 from 18, implement a ban on bump stocks, increase school safety protocols, and give police and courts more powers to remove guns from citizens deemed dangerous

Supreme Court won’t hear DACA

  • The decision has been pushed to an appeals court, leaving DACA in place until or if the Supreme Court takes it up
  • This follows a decision by the Trump administration to skip the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, which is liberal-leaning, and head directly to the supreme court
  • The Supreme Court didn’t rule on the merits of the issue, but on the legal protocol

Lawmakers in Missouri call on Gov. Eric Greitens to resign

  • Gov. Eric Greitens is under pressure to resign over accusations of photographing a mistress without consent, although he’s resisting the pressure, calling it the result of a politically motivated attack, with the executive director of the State Republican Party calling it a “political hit job”

Fed chairman makes his first appearance in front of Congress

  • Fed Chairman Jerome Powell gave testimony for the first time this morning, telling Congress that the Fed would “balance between avoiding an overheated economy” and continuing growth with a sustained rate of 2% inflation

Teacher’s strike in West Virginia enters 4th day

  • Teachers have been on strike in the state over concerns about a lack of substitute teachers and the lack of money for public servants, with the state trying to fill 700 vacant positions as of last spring
  • The state now ranks 48th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in teacher pay, and was one of just five states to see average teacher pay go down in 2016

UN calling to address Yemen famine, call-out of Iran blocked by Russia

  • The UN Secretary General yesterday told a congregation of more than 1,000 delegates and representatives from 60 national and international humanitarian organizations meeting in Riyadh that “as needs increase more than ever, we must do more to help the vulnerable and ensure the protection of civilians”
  • Russia blocked a U.N. Security Council resolution which would have called out Iran for violating an arms embargo against Houthi rebels in Yemen

Russian-announced ceasefire starts in eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus during Syrian Civil War

  • The region is now under the effects of a daily five hour ceasefire, aimed at creating a “humanitarian corridor” which would allow civilians to flee and aid to come in
  • Rebels however are reportedly firing mortars during those five hours, which would violate the terms of the ceasefire and render it null and void according to Russia

Former South Korea President faces 30 years and 127 Million dollar fine

  • Prosecutors are now entering the sentencing phase in a trial of ex-president Park Geun-Hye over charges of bribery and abuse of power, and are pushing for charges which would push her into jail for 30 years and with a fine of just over $127 million
  • A lawyer representing the former president tearfully pleaded for mercy before the Seoul Central District Court, saying Park tried her hardest in leading the country “day and night”

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