News Roundup

FBI transcript from Parkland shooter relative shows how badly the FBI failed to respond to clear threat

  • The transcript coms from a call which took place on January 5th, more than a month before the shooting took place
  • Teachers are teaching again at the school, and students will be coming back on Wednesday
  • While at the Governor’s Ball, Pres. Trump told governors on Sunday that he’d make school safety a top priority after the Parkland shooting

Democratic memo was released over the weekend

  • Pres. Trump has called the memo “a total political and legal BUST,” saying that it “just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. SO ILLEGAL!”
  • The memo has been released by Democrats in opposition the Republican-backed memo several weeks ago, following a stay from Pres. Trump over confidentiality concerns over “sources and methods”

The Olympics are officially over

  • Norway took home the most medals, taking home a total of 39, followed by Germany at 31 and Canada at 29
  • USA came in fourth place with 23 medals, the fewest since 1998
  • North Korea has reported that it’s willing to hold talks with the USA
  • China will host the next Winter Olympics in 2022

Storms across Midwest kill 5

  • A 79-year-old woman in Kentucky has been killed by a tornado that struck her home
  • Others have been killed in Kentucky according to the state’s governor
  • At least three were killed by flooding in Michigan, Illinois, and Oklahoma

Sen. Dianne Feinstein unable to get California Democrat endorsement

  • Feinstein finished far behind her opponent Sen. Kevin de Leon with the state’s delegates, winning just 37% to his 54%

Supreme Court decision could undercut public-sector unions

  • Today the court may overturn a 1977 ruling which said that state and local governments could require those who don’t join a union to pay partial fees to help cover the costs of negotiations and administration

Weinstein company may file for bankruptcy

  • Reports say that the studio will file for bankruptcy after talks to sell its assets to an investor collapsed
  • This follows a lawsuit filed two weeks ago by the New York attorney general’s office against the company over many claims of sexual harassment

New offensive in Eastern Ghouta

  • Following calls by the UN for a 30-day truce, Syrian government forces have launched a new initiative in eastern Ghouta, on the edge of the city of Damascus, with multiple attempts by the government forces to “storm” the area
  • This extends last week’s air raids and artillery fire

Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulcher shut in protest against Israeli policy

  • On Sunday the heads of three religious communities – the Greek Orthodox patriarch, the Armenian patriarch, and the Catholic custodian of the Holy Land – met at the entrance to the church, cleared the place of tourists, and shut its doors, leaving there large signs with images of the church’s two enemies, Jerusalem’s Mayor and a member of the Knesset, with the phrase “enough is enough” written at the top
  • This move comes as a response to two recent big steps: a decision to end the municipal tax exemption for church-owned properties in Jerusalem and to put liens on their bank accounts for tax debs, and a bill sponsored that would allow the expropriation of lands sold by churches to private buyers
  • The Jordanian and Palestinian governments have expressed their support for the closure

China is dropping its presidential term limits, clearing path to continued power for Xi Jinping

  • A vote set to take place next month is being considered a rubber stamp for this decision

Congo protests against Pres. Joseph Kabila

  • At least have four have been killed and 47 injured in the protests
  • The president’s mandate expired in 2016, and he has been president since 2001, when his father was assassinated

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