Supporting Browder's Narrative

Contradicting Browder's Narrative


Bill Browder’s 2015 Deposition
This sworn deposition contradicts many aspects of Browder’s narrative.
Here are links to the six-part series of video recordings of this deposition: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

Bill Browder’s 2017 Deposition
This second sworn deposition, which to our knowledge we’re the first to release, contains more information on the initial raid of the Hermitage Capital offices in 2007 and other crucial details of the Magnitsky story.

Oleg Lurye’s 2015 Deposition
This sworn deposition of Russian journalist Oleg Lurye details claims allegedly made by Magnitsky that he was being put up to complaining and whistleblowing in order to hasten his release with the assistance of unidentified Western benefactors.

Memorandum and Order Granting Second Browder Deposition
This document contains information about the events surrounding the first deposition, including Browder’s failure to provide documents in a timely manner which led to the second deposition.

Browder’s ‘Truth in Testimony’ Disclosure Form

All Non-Confidential Hearing Transcripts in Prevezon Case
We have yet to go through this 1000+ page document, but invite you to at your leisure.


Congressional Testimonies

Natalia Veselnitskaya’s Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony
Glenn Simpson’s Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony
Glenn Simpson’s House Select Committee on Intelligence Testimony

Books and Films

To watch The Magnitsky Act, a film which Browder has almost universally prevented from being aired in public, contact Torstein Grude on Twitter.

We hope to soon post a link to a copy of Alex Krainer’s book ‘The Killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Browder’s Dangerous Deception‘.

Police interview with Sergei Magnitsky from October 6, 2006
A document discussed by Browder on page 138 of his sworn deposition, this document is important for a number of reasons, including claims that Magnitsky was a lawyer Browder hired in 2007. 

Forensic Review of Sergei Magnitsky documents submitted by Hermitage Fund
Although it was funded and supported by Browder before it was released, it contradicts key elements of Browder’s story including claims he made under oath.

The Corporate Governance Role of the Media: Evidence from Russia
This academic paper contains numerous quotes from Browder discussing how he manipulated media using simplified narratives and attention-getting lawsuits.


Bill Browder served with subpoena in New York
This video shows Bill Browder ducking service outside of the Daily Show’s studios in February of 2015.

Background Information

Articles On Bill Browder

Jan/Feb, 2012 [World Affairs Journal] – Man On A Mission: Bill Browder vs. the Kremlin
One of the early source documents on Bill Browder.

May/June, 2013 [UChicago Magazine] – Reversal of fortune
An article with brief biographies of Earl Browder and Bill Browder, and overviews of Bill Browder’s modus operandi in Russia as well as the Magnitsky case.

Jan, 2015 [The Guardian] – Bill Browder: the Kremlin threatened to kill me
Contains the choice quote from Bill Browder: “Bodyguards offer fake security. The real security comes from having your enemies know nothing about you”

Feb, 2015 [Wall Street Journal] – Browder Escapes Subpoena Attempt After ‘Daily Show’
This snippet covers Bill Browder’s escape from the NYC subpoena attempt.

May, 2015 [Wall Street Journal] – Hedge-Fund Manager’s Credibility Questioned in Russian Laundering Case
This article contains quotes from a letter sent by the defense lawyers to the judge in the Prevezon case.

Dec, 2015 [New Republic] – Fighting Putin Doesn’t Make You a Saint
An article broadly critical of Bill Browder for financial schemes.

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