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Why is the Deep State in a PANIC over Potus / Putin Summit?


I assume you can see me, so hopefully you’re doing well. Again, I’m gonna ask you to retweet this. I’m gonna get started in here just a minute. I wanna see what kind of crowd we can get. It is nearly 7:30 am which means the sun has been up for about three-and-a-half hours and this is in fact … It’s lovely isn’t it? It’s actually the sauna. It’s one of three saunas. Let me show you this? Now hang on. There’s this sauna. Look at this. This first one here is very lovely. This is the interview sauna. This one is not even heated. It’s for interviews so you can look like you’re taking a sauna with whoever you’re interviewing.

I may do that just to see how it goes. Then look at this one. This one looks more traditional to me. Not that I know anything about Finland saunas, but look at that. I really technically should be doing the Periscope from in here, shouldn’t I, but I’ll get yelled at, so anyway that’s the sauna tour.

It seems to me like you could do worst places in Finland. It’s very lovely so far. It’s been very nice. Let me go back around to my part of the sauna and we’ll get this show started. I just want you to see some of the perks of journalism. By the way, some of the downsides are nutcases calling you a traitor online for doing journalism. That’s kind of weird. And people suggesting you be shot, and hanged, and gassed. That’s what’s happening now. Jake Tapper from CNN who I know Jake and I know Jonathan Alter. Jonathan Alter have tweeted out what I said the other day which is I’ve been very open forever.

I didn’t start being very open that I communicated with Guccifer 2.0. I will still say I have no idea who Guccifer 2.0 is but this is all part of the panic. This is related to the Mueller indictment that I’m peripherally mentioned in. I’m mentioned it but they don’t mention my name. I want to talk about why this meeting is so frightening to people and I don’t know what your politics are now. I don’t know where you come from. You could be anti-Trump, you could be pro-Trump. You might not have an opinion, but here’s the thing I think we can all agree on about Donald Trump is he is unpredictable and that is what’s frightening to the deep state.

Let’s define that term before we go on. The deep state is simply the persistent state. It was a term coined originally by Peter Dale Scott who is a Canadian writer and author who talks a lot about the Kennedy assassination as well and it ties in. The deep state organizations like Robert Mueller’s FBI or the CIA who’s been out against this Kim summit dropping material to Ken Dilanian over at NBC. Ken Dilanian a known CIA asset. Look that up if you want to.

Both the FBI and CIA are playing games here to try to scuttle the president’s foreign policy and the reason this meeting is frightening them to do is it’s Trump and Putin on their own and they realized that they have a very difficult time controlling Trump. Now, the Mueller indictment that just came out is a way to control Trump. There’s no question about it but Mueller has been doing it for over a year. He’s trying to set foreign policy from the department of justice, trying to shame Donald Trump into hating Russia and hating Putin.

They’re aware that Donald Trump actually has a common sense view. Now, I gotta say there are people now who the biggest deal in the world to them is Putin in Russia. In fact Ellen is a friend of mine and a student that’s in journalism school came out and she’s a big Democrat. She said she’s afraid that Russia is going to invade. Now, this is crazy. I want you all to think back about [inaudible 00:04:28] 2016 especially you democrats, especially Hillary’s supporters.

You didn’t think Russia was the enemy. You know why? They’re not the enemy. Communism was bad. USSR had a lot of problems but what’s happening here is that after the fall of the Soviet Union in the ‘80s and after the US flees Russia in the 1990s, something most of you don’t know anything about but I challenge you go look up Harvard Boys Russia and you’ll find a good article about how Larry Summers and there were two groups, the Democrats, Larry Summers and the Harvard group and the Republican group which is [inaudible 00:05:10] and those people screwed Russia completely in the 1990s.

This is oligarchy. This is American oligarchy. The other thing that happened is with the Soviet Union out of the way, NATO and NATO’s directly connected to a big group called the Atlantic Council. By the way Jonathan Alter I mentioned is with the Daily Beast. One of the other editor at the Daily Beast is a guy named Michael Weiss. Look Michael Weiss up. You can see CNN analyst, Jake Tapper attacking me. Jonathan Alter, Daily Beast, he’s an editor. Michael Weiss is an editor and he’s with the Atlantic Council. By the way, why should you care about the Atlantic Council?

The Atlantic Council which is basically a PR unit for NATO is about to decide what news you watch on Facebook. I’m gonna say that again. This group who you probably don’t know much about if you’re the average person, they’re about to decide what news. Go ahead. Just Google Atlantic Council Facebook and you’ll see that Facebook has partnered with the spokes people for NATO. Now, you, if you’ve not been overly brainwashed right now into fearing Putin and fearing Russia is you have no reason to because … And you don’t.

Most people aren’t afraid Russia is gonna invade the US or even Europe or any place. NATO and it’s media arm, the Atlantic Council, had to create a boogeyman. They didn’t have communism anymore. They didn’t have communism to kick around so they went after a person, Vladimir Putin. Now, Putin took over after the real gangsters and oligarchs with the help of the United States was raping Russia’s economy in the 1990s. That’s why it’s so popular. You’ll hear people say stuff like there aren’t free elections in Russia. Yes, there are. Putin is just very popular, but the media doesn’t want you to know that.

Now, by the way, I got to point out that every single thing that I’m saying here, don’t take my word for it. In fact, remember, I work for Sputnik. This is a huge advantage actually because my philosophy of journalism is for you not to take my word. Since I work for Sputnik, you have every reason in the world to be skeptical but don’t be stupid. You dig? Let me explain the difference. Skeptical would be double and triple checking the things that I’m saying. Stupid would be to dismiss me out right. “Oh, he’s a Kremlin stooge. He’s a puppy. Do you get paid in rubles?” and all the other stupid non-creative things people say.

Really, that’s what it is. Traitor, blah, blah, blah. Traitors getting hanged, all these threats and everything else. You mother hubbards aren’t shutting me up. Here I am. I’m still doing journalism. I’m gonna keep doing journalism. I’m not gonna back down. I’m not gonna shut up. I’m not afraid of Jake Tapper. I’m not afraid of Jonathan Alter. I’m not afraid of Robert Mueller. Do you know why I’m not afraid of any of these people? Because the facts are on my side.

Guess who’s never talked to me about this story? Well, Jake Tapper and Jonathan Alter and Robert Mueller. See, they’re afraid that I would fill in the blanks that I just did. Don’t take my word for it. The CIA and the FBI have a great racket going which is they run the country. You follow me? They actually run things. Don’t believe me? Why didn’t the JFK files get released? Because of the CIA. I supported Trump in the election. I’m not thrilled with some of his moves but the biggest move I’m not thrilled with is he is too … He give in too much of the CIA.

He realizes he’s got a problem with the DOJ but he gives in too much to the CIA. That being said, I still support Trump and the reason why is this meeting. This meeting just Trump and just Putin, Trump might figure out that he’s being played by the FBI and the CIA just like you are being played by the FBI and the CIA. Again, don’t take my word for it. Go look up some of this stuff. Go look up the CIA’s history which you probably are only peripherally aware of. Go look up the FBI’s history. Go look into COINTELPRO. When I say the deep state are unelected branches of government that act like they run things, they act out of constitution. They don’t have any respect whatsoever for the presidency, for the executive branch.

This fighting you see going on between the Department of Justice and congress that should worry you because I have a lot of problems with congress but at least they’re elected. Who elected Peter Strzok? Who elected Robert Mueller? This people aren’t elected but this meeting, if they can sit down and talk sense, I still believe that Donald Trump is independent enough where he might realize how he’s being played. He’s being took, led astray, bamboozled.

That’s what’s going on but you can figure it out too and we know who’s fooling them. The CIA or the FBI and all their media lapdogs. Media lapdogs like you Jake Tapper and like you Jonathan Alter and definitely like you Michael Weiss. You see, this is a reason they don’t want to interview me. They know if they put me on TV I’ve got the facts and once I start saying the facts to people, it hurts their monopoly so there you go. This is why the deep state is so frightened. I’m planning on writing up something for Sputnik in just a few minutes here. Anyway that’s it for now. I love you guys. Thanks for taking the time, and enjoy the sauna.

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