News Roundup

U.S. Prosecutors Charge Former Head of VW Martin Winterkorn

  • A federal court in Michigan has charged the former head of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, with conspiring to defraud the U.S. and wire fraud – an unprecedented indictment which was made on March 14th and only yesterday unsealed
  • This involves a scandal which was revealed in 2015 when VW admitted to rigging the emissions setups of around 11 million vehicles worldwide
  • Germany’s Justice Ministry said today that the former CEO would not be sent to the U.S. because the country doesn’t extradite its citizens outside of the European Union

Possible Release of 3 Americans Held in a Labor Camp by North Korea

  • Pres. Trump has tweeted out a hint that North Korea may soon be releasing three of its current prisoners who are working at a labor camp in the country

Feds Monitored Trump’s Lawyer Cohen’s Phones

Eruption of Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island

  • One of the world’s most active volcanoes has erupted, spilling into homes and communities
  • Since Monday a series of hundreds of earthquakes, most around 2.0 magnitude, have been recorded in the region of the national park housing the volcano
  • The National Guard has been activated to help with evacuations and 1500 people have been evacuated

Jobs Numbers Out Today

  • U.S. employers added 164,000 jobs in April, and the nation’s unemployment rate fell to 3.9%
  • Average hourly pay for workers rose 2.6% from a year earlier to $26.84
  • Mining and logging have all gained more than 1 percent

President Trump to Speak to NRA Convention in Texas

  • Pres. Trump and Vice Pres. Pence are expected to address convention-goers at a National Rifle Association event this Friday in Dallas
  • Protests are being planned for the conference, with relatives of some of those murdered at the Parkland school shooting attending
  • Attendees of the conference have been told not to bring their guns

Arizona Teacher’s Strike Over

  • The teacher’s strike which had been taking place has ended with a new budget deal which will give teachers a 10 percent raise over the next year, and then another ten percent by 2020
  • The budget also increases state spending on education by $200 million more than the Republican governor had originally offered

Nobel Prize for Literature Will Not Be Handed Out

  • During a sexual abuse scandal that started back in November with newspaper reports of 18 women accusing someone close to people in the Swedish Academy respondents, the committee responsible for the Nobel Prize for Literature has decided to not hand it out
  • Two awards may be handed out in 2019, and this will not affect other Nobel prizes this year
  • This is the first time this has happened since 1949
  • 6 of 18 members have resigned; members are appointed for life, and out of the group’s 18 members it only has 10 right now, which are too few to elect new members
  • King of Sweden intervened personally after following the situation “with great concern” by changing the academy’s rules to allow members to leave, and for the panel to be able to replace any member who’d been inactive for two years

House Chaplain Un-fired

Record Flooding in New Brunswick, Canada

  • 81 roads and bridges are fully closed to traffic and a number of roads are partially closed, including half of the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Almost 5 and a half meters of the Saint John River was above sea level yesterday
  • 100 homes have been evacuated

Detroit Radio Station Bans Kanye West’s Music

  • Following statements Kanye made about slavery, personalities BIGG and Shay Shay said yesterday morning that they’ll no longer play any music he’s produced or been featured on
  • Kanye had told people in the TMZ offices that “when you hear about slavery for 400 years … for 400 years? That sounds like a choice. Like, you were there for 400 years, and it was all of y’all? It’s like we’re mentally in prison”

Today is DAY 37 of Assange’s and DAY 23 of Yulia Skripal’s isolation

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