News Roundup

Mueller Told President’s Legal Team Threatened To Bring Trump in Font of Grand Jury

  • In a meeting in early March, special counsel Robert Mueller told Pres. Trump’s legal team that he would subpoena Trump Info from John Dowd, former Trump lawyer
  • This was ultimately what led to the list of 49 questions recently reported by the New York Times: Mueller’s team agreed to tell Pres. Trump’s lawyers about what they wanted to ask Trump about, and then one of the president’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, wrote the list of questions based on what Mueller’s team had told them

Freedom Caucus Draft Articles of Impeachment on Rod Rosenstein

  • The chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., finalized the draft of the impeachment articles
  • Rosenstein is saying in response that “the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted”

Seven States Asking For DACA to End

  • Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and West Virginia have filed to ask that DACA be ended “within two years”

Arizona Teacher’s Strike May End Tomorrow

  • If a funding deal passes the state legislature today, teachers will return to schools, ending the most recent in a series of teachers strikes which have taken place across the country
  • Classes have already started again in one district, with a mix of administrators, substitute teachers, and the 20% of the teachers not on strike

911 Survivors Win Case Against Iran

  • It is a multi-billion dollar win filed on behalf of the relatives of 1,008 victims, with payouts of $12.5 million per spouse, $8.5 million per parent, $8.5 million per child, and $4.25 million per child
  • The suit is considered however to be a mixed victory, as Iran is expected to never pay out
  • This may help in similar suits against the Saudis

Facebook is Starting to Rank News Sites on ‘Trustworthiness’

  • The service may suppress or promote websites based on how trustworthy or untrustworthy they are, and that ranking will be based in part on surveys filled out by users

Top Prosecutor Appealing for Manslaughter in Penn State Hazing Case

  • Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor is appealing to have five former members of a since-disbanded fraternity at Penn State University be charged with involuntary manslaughter for their role in the death of a pledge in 2017
  • A 19-year-old sophomore named Timothy Piazza died after falling down a flight of stairs, shortly after drinking 18 drinks in the span of 82 minutes
  • Another set of members are being sued for lesser charges, including hazing and furnishing alcohol to minors

Search Is On For VA Secretary

  • Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has denied that current Chief of Staff Gen. Kelly is in the running for VA Secretary
  • Adm. Ronnie Jackson is no longer the president’s personal physician, but is still a doctor at the White House

Protests in Armenia After Opposition Leader Spurned by Parliament

May Day Rally in France Turns Violent

  • Hundreds of masked anarchists smashed windows and torched cars yesterday at a rally by labour unions against Pres. Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies
  • This was also in celebration of May Day, which has since the late 19th century been a socialist holiday

Today is DAY 35 of Assange’s and DAY 21 of Yulia Skripal’s isolation

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