Month: May 2018

Populist.TV Morning Report | Weinstein Arrested

Sign Up To Receive Populist.TV's Morning Reports Success! Name Email Subscribe News Roundup Harvey Weinstein Has Turned Himself In On Charges of Rape, Sex Acts Harvey Weinstein has been arrested after he turned himself in at the New York police precinct office, and is now facing charges of 1st- and 3rd-degree rape in one case and a first-degree sex act in a second case He’s also under investigation in Los Angeles and London, and Federal prosecutors have started a sex crimes investigation involving him His bond is expected to be set at $2 million North Korea Isn’t Closing Door After Trump Cancels Summit North Korea’s state news agency has released a letter saying it will give the United States a chance to think things over and talk again soon after the White House yesterday called off the planned summit Pres. Trump said two days ago that he believed China was responsible for North Korea’s shifting attitude, saying that “when Kim Jong Un had the meeting with President Xi in China, the second meeting … I think there was a little change in attitude from Kim Jong Un… I think things changed after that meeting, so I can’t say that I’m happy about it” 16 Women Speaking Out Against 80-year-old Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual impropriety and harassment by sixteen women who described their experiences with...

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