News Roundup

Caravan Told to Wait at US Border

  • As many as 50 Central Americans trying to enter the United States over the Mexican border in San Ysidro were told that the crossing had reached “capacity”
  • Some will allowed to pass, but most will likely have to wait, in what has become a major media point of focus

Vigils Yesterday for Toronto Van Attack

  • Thousands gathered last night for a vigil near the scene of the ramming attack last week in Toronto that killed 10, including Canada’s Prime Minister and Toronto’s Mayor, neither of whom addressed the crowd, which instead listened to musicians, poets, and religious leaders

NBC Hit Piece on Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya Designed to Confuse Americans on Trump Tower Meeting

  • NBC News is quoting Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June of 2016, as saying that she’s an “informant” for the Russian government last Friday
  • We believe Veselnitskaya’s story is a massive example of fake news, where she was talking about Bill Browder and Sergei Magnitsky, and everyone else now assumes that she was either a Russian government connection or a plant to bring down Trump, or now an informant, to fit various narratives
  • We recorded an interview with Natalya recently, and we’re sharing a clip from that translated interview here that describes exactly the kind of that NBC is describing her discussing

Sprint / T-Mobile Merger

  • # and #4 companies behind AT&T and Verizon, and even with Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s combined market capitalizations of 12% and 17%, they’d still be in third place behind Verizon and AT&T
  • Prices won’t likely go up in the short-term but might not too much later
  • Both of the companies’ top executives are justifying the merger by referring to the potential gap behind Chinese mobile telecom technology and 5G

Trade War with Europe

  • The leaders of the UK, Germany, and France spoke by phone on Sunday and agreed the EU would hit back in response to the United States’ planned tariffs
  • Europe’s trade commissioner will speak with the US commerce secretary today in an attempt to prevent the tensions from heightening

Pompeo, Trump, and Bibi

  • New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently met with Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu and said after the meeting that the US would cancel the Iran nuclear deal if it isn’t fixed
  • Meanwhile, Donald Trump spoke with Bibi on the phone, where they discussed challenges in the Middle East, “especially the problems posed by the Iranian regime's destabilizing activities”

Israeli Attack on Syria

  • Missile strikes in Syria in the province of Hama on an arms depot have killed at least 26, most of them Iranians, and at least four Syrians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
  • The Iranian news agency is denying any reports that Iranian fighters were killed or that Iranian-run bases were hit
  • The depot was about 7 miles outside of the city of Hama

Afghan Attack

  • 29 people are dead, including 8 journalists, after a bomber disguised as a TV cameraman detonated a second bomb at the site of an earlier explosion
  • Both attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State, and more than 45 more were injured by the attacks
  • This follows a series of recent deadly attacks, including one on April 22nd that killed 57 and another which killed at least 13 in late March

Assange and Skripals

Today is DAY 34 of Assange’s and DAY 20 of Yulia Skripal’s isolation

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