News Roundup

Korean Talks Promise Peace Between Both Nations, Denuclearization

  • The leaders of North and South Korea came to a decision yesterday to remove all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula and to declare an official end to the Korean War within the year
  • This was at a summit between the two nations attended by the leaders of both countries, which was also the first time the leader of North Korea had stepped foot into the South

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of 4 Sexual Assaults

  • A jury in a Montgomery County, Philadelphia courtroom found comedian Bill Cosby guilty yesterday of three charges of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, who has been at the center of a push by dozens of women to accuse Cosby of rape
  • Each of the crimes on which Cosby has been charged are felonies, and each is punishable by up to 10 years in state prison
  • There was a brief angry reaction from Cosby after the district attorney asked that his bail be revoked, saying he owned a plane and might flee, leading Cosby to shout at him – a move the judge quickly quashed, before saying he didn’t view Cosby as a flight risk but that he would have to remain in his home

Angela Merkel in DC Today Pushing For Trade Without Tariffs, Iran Deal

  • While visiting the White House today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be working with the recently departed French President Emmanuel Macron to push a unified front on issues of trade and foreign policy – specifically they’re both looking to remove Europe from tariffs which are set to go into effect on May 1st, and to maintain the Iran deal, which is set to come under reconsideration on May 12th

Mike Pompeo Clears Senate to Become New Secretary of State

  • Former director of the CIA Mike Pompeo was confirmed by the Senate with a 57-to-42 vote, and then sworn in by Justice Alito
  • Pompeo also last night released two photos of himself and Kim Jong Un through Sarah Sanders’ Twitter account, where they stand side-by-side and face-to-face shaking hands
  • Pompeo described Kim Jong Un as “a smart guy who’s doing his homework”, news which came out alongside stories that the US is building an intelligence profile on Kim Jong Un

Wisconsin Refinery Explosion Kills 11, Causes Evacuation of 27,000

  • At 6 a.m. EST this morning an evacuation order was lifted for Superior, a city in northwest Wisconsin, where a tank of crude oil or asphalt exploded at about 10 a.m. yesterday
  • Authorities evacuated a 3-mile radius around the blast site, along with a 10-mile corridor to the refinery’s south where the smoke was blowing

Witnesses Describe Chemical Attack as Staged at OPCW, Britain/France and Media Criticize

  • Russia brought forward witnesses to discuss their experiences during the purported Syrian chemical attack, with those witnesses describing the event as being staged
  • Western nations have responded critically to the event, with Britain and France denouncing the event and calling it an “obscene masquerade”
  • This is how media in the West is covering the event: leading with the response to the original story

Trump Pushes Back JFK Files Release Until 2021

  • Trump has backtracked and pushed back the release of JFK assassination records until at least 2021, falling in line with the CIA and FBI that to release the files too early be “of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure”
  • He added that the need to continue to protect the documents “can only grow weaker with the passage of time”

Today is DAY 31 of Assange’s isolation, and DAY 17 of Yulia Skripal’s

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