News Roundup

White House Doctor Ronny Jackson

  • Jackson has said that he will drop his nomination as Veterans Affairs secretary, denying “baseless and anonymous attacks” on his character
  • These claims are detailed in a document released by Senate Democrats yesterday which contains summaries and excerpts from interviews with anonymous colleagues’ of Jackson’s, including accusations against him of irresponsible pharmaceutical prescribing, creating a hostile work environment, and drunkenness on the job, and more specifically at one time wrecking a government vehicle while drunk at “a Secret Service going away party”

French President Macron Criticizes “America First” in Address to Congress

  • After apparently warm relations between Pres. Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron the day before, the French leader spoke critically of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, urging America to remain in its role as the world’s superordinate multilateralist
  • Pres. Macron was given a three minute standing ovation by Congress

North and South Korea Summit Tomorrow

  • South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet North Korean President Kim Jong Un on Friday with the North’s leader heading across the border to then be escorted to the border village where the summit will be held
  • This is the first such meeting between the two countries in decades, and according to South Korea’s presidential chief of staff, it will focus more on “denuclearization and securing of peace” than anything else

Suspected Golden State Killer Arrested

  • 72 Year-Old Joseph James DeAngelo was booked at about 2 a.m. on Wednesday just a few days after local investigators began connecting the dots with him, including using DNA evidence
  • The Golden State Killer ‘besieged’ a stretch of California for years first in the ‘70s and then the ‘80s, killing four and raping some 45
  • DeAngelo was a former officer in central California for years in the ‘70s, eventually being dismissed over a small shoplifting charge

Suspect Sought in Maine Police Murder

  • A manhunt is on for 29-year-old John Williams in the town of Norridgewock, who is believed to have shot and killed a police officer, making this the first time a law enforcement officer had been killed in Maine in almost 30 years

Arizona Teachers on Strike Today

  • The end-date of the strike has not been set, although the state’s legislative session and school season are both almost over, with most classes set to let out in five weeks
  • The bone of contention is how much teachers get paid, with activists from a local group, Arizona Educators United, not satisfied with the governor’s ’20x2020’ proposal to give teachers raises of about 19 percent over three years

E. Coli from Lettuce Leaves 42 Hospitalized

  • There are now at least 84 cases of tainted lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona which have led to the hospitalizations of forty-two people, nine of whom are battling kidney failure, although no deaths have yet been reported
  • Investigators are currently following the “paper trail” to determine who the supplier of the lettuce was, and restaurants and supermarkets were told to dispose of romaine lettuce if its origin was unknown

14 Journalists Convicted in Turkey

  • The journalists were convicted in Istanbul over ‘terrorism-related’ charges, with sentences ranging from two-and-a-half to seven-and-a-half years
  • They all worked at an opposition newspaper, Cumhuriyet, and are barred from leaving the country

Second Day of Jury Deliberation in Cosby Trial

  • The seven men and five women are deciding the fate of Bill Cosby, who is facing trial again against accusers who say he drugged and raped them
  • Last June another panel of jurors spent six days deliberating on another version of the case before the judge declared a mistrial
  • Cosby remains free on bail, although if convicted he faces up to 10 years per count, of which there are three


  • Six months after Pres. Trump delayed their release, The National Archives is set to publish papers on Oswald’s trip to Mexico weeks before the Kennedy assassination after having been lobbied by the family of the late diplomat Charles Thomas for years

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