News Roundup

Pres. Trump Discusses Upcoming Summit with North Korean Leader

  • Comments came during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Abe at Mar-a-Lago
  • Current head of the CIA and potential Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was reported to have secretly met with Kim Jun-Un over Easter, helping to set up the upcoming meeting between Kim and Trump

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dead at Age 92

  • Barbara Bush was US First Lady from 1989 to 1993
  • She is survived by her husband George H.W. Bush, who is currently the longest-lived US president and a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease, and her children, including George and Jeb


IRS Extends tax deadline after websites Went Down

  • The IRS has extended yesterday’s tax deadline to today after being hit with å computer problem all day
  • There’s nothing people need to do to be eligible for the program

2018 Farm Bill Being Negotiated, Effecting Welfare Program

  • The bill legislates almost every farm and nutrition program, with reauthorization taking place every five years
  • Today marks the state of when the bill is to start to be negotiated
  • Republicans seek a change to SNAP eligibility to put more people to work, and the new bill would allow $1 billion annually for work training programs for states

1 Dead After Southwest Jet Blows Engine

  • A woman was killed after having been almost sucked out of a jet which had an engine blown due to “metal fatigue’
  • The rest of the flight survived after making an emergency landing in Philadelphia
  • The last time a passenger died in an accident on a U.S. airliner was 2009

Canada and US Sending Family Members of Cuban Embassy Officials Home

  • What used to be called “sonic attacks” and are now being called “health attacks” have been impacting U.S. diplomats in Cuba since late 2016, leading first the US embassy and now the Canadian embassy to send diplomats home
  • Symptoms of the “health attacks” include dizziness, hearing loss, and sound of a high-pitched whine or a mass of crickets
  • The FBI sent a team to Cuba to meet with officials, and as of January their investigation hasn’t concluded

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