News Roundup

Syrian Government Has Taken Control of Eastern Ghouta, Including Douma

  • Defense Sec. Mattis says US is still assessing intelligence on the alleged chemical attack, also saying that the U.S. military is “ready to provide military options if they are appropriate”
  • Pres. Trump criticized Russia for being an ally of Assad, and also said that he “never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all!”
  • This morning French Pres. Emmanuel Macron said he has proof that the alleged chemical attack was executed by Bashar al-Assad
  • Russian and Syria have said they will allow inspections of the site of the chemical attack after Russian armed forces released their own test results from the site, saying there was no chlorine gas used

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Says He Has “No Regrets” as He Announces His Retirement

  • Ryan was first elected to the House in 1998, making him the second-youngest member of the body at the time
  • Ryan has been reelected eight times and never received less than 55% of the vote
  • Trump tweeted praise for the speaker, saying he ”is a truly good man”

Mike Pompeo’s Confirmation Hearing as Secretary of State is Today

Zuckerberg Testified Before House Yesterday for Nearly Ten Hours

  • Facebook’s CEO was grilled by House congressmen about possible regulation of the company, internal bias, and potential use of the platform for political ends by nationstate actors and political manipulators
  • Zuckerberg was asked multiple times about Diamond and Silk yesterday, two well-known pro-Trump media personalities whose Facebook page was deleted recently over undisclosed violations

Washington Post Says Steve Bannon Urging White House to “Cripple” Russia Probe

  • Bannon has purportedly been pitching a plan to White House aides and friends in Congress that would involve firing Rod Rosenstein, ceasing cooperation with Mueller, and asserting executive privilege to assert that Mueller’s interviews with White House officials should be made null and void
  • Pres. Trump reportedly “goes off” about Bannon when his name comes up, so it seems unlikely that the plan will be taken up if it remains associated with Bannon

ACLU Suing Over Kentucky Law Banning D&E After 11 Weeks

  • The ACLU filed a suit at the end of the day on Tuesday to block a Kentucky state law banning a frequently used second-trimester abortion procedure known as “dilation and evacuation”

Controversy Over Yulia Skripal Statement

  • The UK government has released a statement reportedly from the daughter of the Russian ex-spy, which we and several others find suspicious
  • In the statement, Yulia is quoted as declining help from the Russian embassy, saying that nobody speaks for her, and denying assistance from her cousin Victoria, who has been in the media spotlight after the publication of a widely reported phone call between her and Yulia

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