News Roundup

Conflict over Syria

  • Pres. Trump tweeted this morning that Russia should “get ready” because missiles “will be coming,” shortly after calling for an end to the arms race and saying that our relationship with Russia is “worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War.” This comes as Pres. Trump has canceled a planned trip to Latin America to focus on the situation in Syria
  • The current tense situation is related to a recent suspected chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta, along with the poisoning of the Skripals in England, both of which have been linked by many Western governments to the Russian state
  • A UN inspection resolution proposed by the US to investigate Saturday’s chemical attack in Syria was voted down by Russia, who accused the US of seeking a pretext to justify force against Syria
  • Meanwhile the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has said the Syrian government and its Russian allies invited it to send in a fact-finding mission to investigate the chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta
  • French President Emmanuel Macron has stated his support for a “strong, joint response” to the reported chemical attack
  • Europe’s air traffic control agency has warned airlines to be cautious in the Middle East due to the fear of missiles striking Syria in the next 72 hours

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-election

  • Sources say Speaker Paul Ryan will tell his House Republican colleagues this morning that he won’t seek another term, but does not intend to leave Congress early.
  • Politico recently reported that “Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, have begun angling for his job in the event the speaker calls it quits after the election”

Zuckerberg testified before Congress, will appear in front of House committee today

  • Facebook stock has had its best day in almost 2 years, up 4% and $3 billion dollars, but it’s still down 6.5% this year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal started
  • The famously awkward Zuckerberg received training from a team of experts who ran him through mock hearings before giving testimony yesterday
  • Although Facebook seems to have avoided US political action, it faces increased regulatory pressure in Europe, where new laws on the use of data are putting increasing legal pressure on tech giants
  • Facebook and Google together control 4/5ths of the world digital advertising market

Military Plane Crash in Algeria Kills Hundreds

  • At least 181 passengers of a plane have been killed after it crashed near the airbase outside of the Algerian capital
  • 26 of the people onboard are members of the Polisario Front, a West Saharan separatist movement

Israel Offers No Evidence About Palestinian Photographer Killed Friday

  • Last Friday a Palestinian photographer who was wearing a press vest was shot and killed by Israeli armed forces over what Israel’s Defense Minister said was his use of a drone
  • Now the Israel Defense Forces are saying they aren’t aware of any drones having been used on Friday
  • Photographs and video clips of the protests do not show a drone in use
  • Four other journalists were injured by live fire during Friday’s demonstrations, one critically

Yulia Skripal moved to secret location

  • Yulia Skripal, the daughter of the Russian ex-spy and double-agent Sergei Skripal, has been moved to what the BBC is calling a secure location after having been released from hospital
  • The pair were poisoned in what quickly became an international flashpoint after the British government accused Russia of being behind the attack
  • The Russian Embassy congratulated Yulia Skripal, saying though that they need “urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will” after saying that it would view a secret resettlement as an “abduction”

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