News Roundup

FBI Raids Office of Pres. Trump’s Personal Attorney

  • The FBI has raided the Rockefeller Center offices of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, a move which has come after a “referral” by Robert Mueller which led to a search warrant
  • They’ve seized personal communications, tax documents, and business records as a part of investigations into possible bank fraud and payments made to Stormy Daniels, not charges apparently directly related to Mueller’s investigation of Russian collusion
  • Pres. Trump has called the move a “disgraceful situation” and a “witch hunt”

Yulia Skripal Has Been Released from the Hospital and Taken to a Safe Location

  • The 33-year-old daughter of the ex-spy who was purportedly exposed to an extremely dangerous nerve agent has been released from the hospital and moved to an undisclosed “secure location” by British officials
  • Her doctor says this is “not the end of her treatment

Russia and United States relations

Zuckerberg Giving Testimony Before Congress Today

  • Facebook’s CEO is visiting several top lawmakers on the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees in Washington today before giving testimony on how they’re going to better handle the data of their users
  • Facebook has recently suspended several data analytics companies for inappropriately gathering data from their platform
  • They’ve also announced a commission to study social media’s impact on elections which will work with privacy-protected sets of Facebook data

National Guard Begins Arriving At Southern Border

  • The Republican governors of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have pledged a total of 1,600 National Guard troops to the border, bringing the number to almost half of the 4,000 maximum agents for which payment has been approved by James Mattis to guard the border

Chinese President Xi pledges to open financial sectors

  • He says that China does not seek a trade surplus, and has said he’d lower import tariffs on products including cars
  • He’s also pledged to raise foreign investment caps on automobile,
  • Most of the pledges were ones he’d made in the past, but their reiteration at China’s Boao Forum could represent an attempt to reduce recently escalating tensions between China and the United States
  • China has however filed a complaint with the WTO over the steel tariffs put into place by the United States

Hungary Begins Shutting Down “Soros Machine”

  • Hours after their electoral victory, a spokesman for the Fidesz party said that within weeks they would pass a law imposing a 25% tax on aid groups that work with immigrants, and tighten restrictions preventing NGOs from getting involved in politics

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