News Roundup

Turmoil and attacks in Syria

  • Missile strikes took place in Syria near the city of Homs, killing 14, including Iranians
  • This comes after Saturday’s chlorine gas chemical attack, which has been blamed on the Assad government, and has reportedly killed many dozens and injured hundreds
  • Syria and Russia say that Israel is responsible for the drone attacks – Israel issued no comments
  • The airstrikes may not be related to the chemical attack in Douma: back in February Israel criticized the presence of Iranians on the airfield which yesterday came under attack in Syria
  • Trump has warned Syria that he would retaliate against the recent chemical attack

Skripal story ongoing, with cover for the families

  • The UK has denied Yulia Skripal’s cousin a visa to the country, preventing her from seeing her family in-person
  • The CIA has said it would help to get the Skripals a new identity and a new life in America
  • In a phone call released last week, Yulia Skripal was planning to go home and wanted to see her cousin, and warned her the the UK would not issue her a Visa

North Korea Ready to Discuss Denuclearization

  • For the first time North Korea has said that it’s ready to discuss denuclearization at the upcoming meeting in May between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Pres. Donald Trump
  • This comes as the result of private and direct communications between the two countries

Facebook will tell users if their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica

  • Zuckerberg will be testifying in front of Congress tomorrow on the issue
  • Over recent weeks Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg have been on a media tour of apologies and explanations for the analysis of user’s data over the election cycle by outside firms

In Hungary, Viktor Orban Wins A Major Victory

  • Running on a nationalist, anti-immigration policy, and widespread eureskepticism, Orban has won the prime minister for the third time
  • His Fidesz party also won a two-thirds majority in Parliament
  • First on the docket are controversial ‘stop Soros’ laws, which would impose taxes on foreign funding for the advocacy of issues including immigration

NHL Players And Junior League Hockey Players died after Saskatchewan bus crash

  • 10 Humboldt Broncos hockey players and five other people, including two coaches, died on Saturday in a deadly bus crash in Canada’s Saskatchewan province
  • By Sunday evening, a GoFundMe had raised nearly four million dollars for the players and their families

Patrick Reed Wins Masters

  • Golfer Patrick Reed has won his first Masters Tournament this Saturday night

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