News Roundup

White House open to meeting with Putin

  • Russia’s foreign political advisor said that Putin proposed the meeting during a phone call on March 20th
  • This was before the expulsion of diplomats over the Skripal poisoning, which have left the prospects for the meeting on slightly uncertain grounds
  • Commentators in the media are widely wary and critical of the idea of the meeting

White House pushes for new immigration legislation

  • White House officials said yesterday that they would be working to pass immigration legislation which hadn’t been included in omnibus funding bills earlier this year
  • The Justice Department has also imposed quotas on judges, saying they must complete 700 cases per year to earn a satisfactory grade

German looking to extradite Catalan leader

  • The public prosecutor of the region currently holding the former Catalan president and fugitive of the Spanish state, Carlos Puigdemont, is looking to extradite him
  • The case has now gone to the region’s highest court

President Trump attacks Amazon on Twitter

  • He said that our postal system loses “a fortune” with them and that with tax-paying retailers “closing stores all over the country” it’s “not a level playing field”

Stocks down over China trade war concerns

  • The Dow dropped 459 points on Monday, the Nasdaq dropped 3% and Amazon’s stock has dropped 5%, losing more than $36 billion of its value
  • Other tech companies’ stocks including Tesla, Netflix, Apple, and Intel stocks have all also dropped by at least 4%

EPA to roll back car emissions standards

  • The EPA is planning to roll back standards introduced in 2012 by the Obama administration which would have required the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks to have nearly doubled by 2025 to 54.5 miles per gallon
  • The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, said that the Obama administration “made assumptions about the standards that didn’t comport with reality, and set the standards too high”
  • California is the state most expected to fight back against any statements

Synthetic marijuana sends people to hospital in Illinois

  • Two have died, and 54 were sent to the hospital with severe bleeding: coughing blood, blood in the urine, bloody noses
  • Nine of the cases tested positive for rat poison

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