News Roundup

Pres. Trump tweets that “DACA is dead”

  • The president has said that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act is dead “because the Democrats didn’t care or act, and now everyone wants to get onto the DACA bandwagon”
  • This follows a series of tweets made on easterabout American immigration policy, Mexican enforcement of border security, and “caravans” of immigrants
  • We spoke with Mark Krikorian and Susan Pai about immigration issues this morning

Several border wall projects are underway on the border between the US and Mexico

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection declared on Friday that “construction of the border wall is underway,” with 20 miles of replacement fencing arriving in New Mexico, 14 miles of replacement steel plate barrier coming in San Diego, and a 2-mile-long 30-foot-tall section of new wall coming to Calexico, California
  • The administration aims to set up fencing or a wall along 1,000 miles of the southern border

China has imposed new import taxes on $3 billion worth of US goods

  • 128 US products are being hit with Chinese import taxes of up to 25%, including fruit, nuts, wine, pork, scrap aluminum, and rolled steel bars
  • China says the move is designed to balance losses created by the new US tariffs on steel, aluminum, and some manufactured goods

Teachers planning strike today in Oklahoma, protests in Kentucky

  • Organizers in both states are pressuring state lawmakers on issues such as education funding, teacher salaries, and pension reform
  • The Oklahoma state legislature last week passed a bill that raised teacher salaries by $6,100, which the president of the Oklahoma Education Association is calling a “good starting point” towards their goal of $10,000 pay raises for teachers over the next three years and $5,000 pay raises for full-time support professionals such as custodians, secretaries, bus drivers and food service workers
  • Kentucky teachers are also upset about a bill that passed last week which changed the state’s pension plans, leading more than 20 Kentucky counties to close their schools on Friday after educators called out of work sick or requested substitutes in protest
  • Teachers are planning a walkout today

Hackers stole credit and debit card data from Lord & Taylor, Saks

  • 5,000,000 people were affected by a hack into the sales systems of fashion stores owned by Hudson’s Bay Company, impacting more than 130 branches of Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off 5th, and Lord & Taylor
  • The hack stretches back to May 2017, and mostly affected stores in New York and New Jersey
  • The hacking syndicate which was responsible put the credit and debit card information it had stolen with the hack up for sale on the dark web last week
  • The same hacking syndicate had also been behind notorious breaches into Whole Foods, Chipotle, Omni Hotels & Resorts and Trump Hotels

Police suspect van plunge over cliff which is thought to have killed eight was intentional

  • A car crash over a California cliff which is presumed to have killed all eight passengers and members of a family from Washington state appears to have not been an accident
  • A California Highway Patrol spokesman told reporters that the GMC Yuukon’s on-board computer indicated that the vehicle had stopped and then accelerated rapidly off of Highway 1
  • The bodies of five of the passengers – including the two adoptive mothers of the five children in the vehicle – were found at the scene, and authorities are searching for the three children who haven’t been found
  • The household of the family had been visited by Child Protective Services, and neighbors said they’d called CPS again recently

Sheriff’s vehicle that was being attacked struck a protester in Sacramento

  • A 61-year-old woman was struck by a police vehicle after it drove away from protestors demonstrating against the police killing of Stephon Clark
  • The incident is being called a hit-and-run by witnesses, with a friend of the woman’s saying the officer who was driving the vehicle was “really upset, and he accelerated” and that he “just hit her”
  • In a statement, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said the collision occurred at “slow speeds” after protesters were “yelling while pounding and kicking the vehicles’ exterior”

Authorities in Kashmir have imposed curfews following clashes with militants

  • At least 20 are dead and 200 are injured in Indian-administered Kashmir after fierce clashes between militants and government forces on Sunday
  • The clashes are the result of long-standing conflicts between Indian government forces and separatists in the region, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan
  • Officials in Kashmir says this is the region’s worst loss of life in day in years

The Chinese space laboratory has fallen to Earth, burnt to pieces

  • A defunct space laboratory about the size of a school bus fell to Earth at 8:16 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, with pieces apparently splashing into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America
  • Tiangong, which means “heavenly palace”, had stopped communicating with Chinese officials in March of 2016 after a total of 1,630 days in operational orbit – about 2.5 years more than had been initially planned

Fighters have started to evacuate the town of Douma in the last rebel-held region of Damascus

  • A rebel faction which have been the last holdouts in eastern Ghouta on the edge of the Syrian capital of Damascus have been given the ability to evacuate the region, with some 1,300 fighters, activists, and civilians signing up to leave the town according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
  • There are some conflicting reports – a leader of the powerful Army of Islam rebel group had not agreed to leave the town, with another figure telling a Saudi TV channel that the Army of Islam was still engaged in talks with Russia over the future of the town

Kim Jong-un has attended a South Korean K-pop performance in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea

  • This was the first such performance in more than a decade, and the first time a North Korean leader had attended a South Korean performance in the North Korean capital
  • The K-pop group Red Velvet performed, watched by a crowd of hundreds including Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju
  • South Korea’s culture minister said that Kim “showed much interest during the show and asked questions about the songs and lyrics”
  • We spoke with Matt Stiles about issues relating to North and South Korea – as well as K-pop! – this morning

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