News Roundup

US and EU expelling Russian diplomats

  • The Trump administration has decided to expel 60 Russian officers – twelve at the United Nations in New York, and 48 at the Russian embassy in Washington – and to shut down the Seattle consulate in response to accusations that Russia attacked a former spy in Britain with a nerve agent
  • Four EU member states are expected to expel diplomats as well: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia

March for Our Lives

  • Organizers of Saturday’s March for Our Lives demonstration in Washington said that about 850,000 people attended the event
  • An imaging company said the turnout was much smaller, using aerial photos to approximate the crowd size at about 203,000 people – less than half the size of the Women’s March in January, 2017, which had about 440,000 attendees

Stormy Daniels interviewed on 60 Minutes

  • She says she “spanked” Pres. Trump with a rolled-up copy of Forbes magazine with his picture on the cover
  • She claims she was threatened in 2011 after agreeing to a $15,000 deal with a US magazine in which she planned to publish a tell-all about the alleged affair

Trump approval rating up in Fox News poll

  • His rating appears to be holding steady at 45%, with the GOP closing what had been a widening gap on the Democrats’ lead
  • Trump got a favorable rating on taxes and economy (51% approve, and 44% disapprove), and a less favorable rating on his handling of international trade (42% approve, and 49% disapprove)

Catalan leader and former President arrested

  • Authorities in Germany detained former Catalan president Charles Puigdemont on the autobahn on Sunday as he entered the country from Denmark, and will possibly be extraditing him to Spain
  • This triggered huge protests in Catalonia, leaving more than 50 civilians and police officers injured and leading to four arrests
  • A judge will have to rule whether “rebellion” is a charge parallel to “high treason” in Germany
  • Nine people who promoted Catalan secession have been placed in pre-trial custody to prevent flight and continued independence efforts

At least 64 dead in Siberian mall fire, including many children

  • At least 64 Sunday shoppers have been killed after a fire struck the Winter Cherry mall
  • The fire hit the fourth floor, where children’s playrooms and theaters are located, leading more than 840 rescue personnel to arrive at the scene
  • A criminal investigation has been opened and four people have been detained and are being questioned

Hamas conducted military a drill in Gaza

  • Hamas detonated bombs, launched missiles, and fired machine guns in the streets of Gaza during a 24-hour exercise on Sunday
  • An Israeli military spokesman said that no missiles had been fired at Israeli territory after the country’s Iron Dome missile defense system launched multiple projectiles into the sky

Egyptian elections underway today, going for three days

  • The incumbent president Sisi is expecting an easy victory, as he’s expecting high turnout and facing off against a little-known politician who entered the race late after other candidates had been forced out or arrested
  • Egypt deployed tens of thousands of policeman across the country, and a blast shook the coastal city of Alexandria

Suspects held in Paris hostage attack

  • After a gunman took hostages and killed four people in an attack on a supermarket in southern France on Friday and was shot to death by police, the man’s girlfriend and a friend of his are being held in custody in relation to the attack
  • The police say they knew the girlfriend was radicalized, along with the man who carried out the attack
  • Mourners filled a church in the town for Sunday service yesterday to pay tribute to the victims of the attack

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