News Roundup

The Omnibus spending bill has been publicly released

  • The $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page spending bill was unveiled yesterday and could be voted on today by the House
  • The bill would provide nearly $1.6 billion for border security – but not contain for a concrete border wall – as well as school safety measures, $600 million for rural broadband, and a slew of other issues
  • Military spending would increase by $160 billion over the budget caps, and domestic spending by $128 billion

Trump tweeted about Democrats’ failure to get DACA

  • Also not included in the Omnibus spending bill are provisions for ‘Dreamers’, and Trump criticized Democrats for this on Twitter, saying that they “refused to take care of DACA,” that it “would have been so easy, but they just didn’t care”

Leaker in West Wing who shared Trump talking points now being sought by White House

  • Following a leaked warning to not congratulate Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin for his recent electoral victory, the White House has since released a threat to the unknown leaker, saying it would be a “fireable offense and likely illegal” to leak Trump’s briefing papers
  • Aides had included guidance in Trump’s talking points for the call to Putin telling him: ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE,” according to a senior administration official yesterday

President Trump set to announce tariffs on China over intellectual property violations

  • To protect against the threat of “state-led, market enforced” stealing of technology and intellectual property, the Trump administration should soon enact $50 billion in tariffs on over 100 different kinds of Chinese goods, the first such trade action aimed directly at China
  • China has said it plans to hit back against the United States in the form of tariffs aimed at Pres. Trump’s support base, with levies targeting U.S. agricultural exports it is saying will be “measured and proportional”

Zuckerberg Apologizes Over Facebook Privacy

  • Speaking in response to recent allegations that Facebook was at the center of election malfeasance with the improper use of user data by Cambridge Analytica, Zuckerberg apologized for his role in the situation and said on CNN that he’s “sure someone’s trying” to still use his network to meddle with the US midterm elections
  • He had posted a statement on his Facebook page earlier, but did not apologize until appearing on CNN

Police in Austin have recovered a cell phone “confession” video from the city’s recently deceased bomber

  • The man responsible for a strong of bombings which left two dead and several others injured, and whose life ended at his own hands in a climactic explosion with police moving to apprehend him, left behind a confession which Austin’s interim chief has called “the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his life that led him to this point”
  • He had a future target list, and didn’t make any terror- or hate-related references when describing his motivations for murder

President of Peru resigns after 19 months of a five year term over corruption charges

  • A day after a video was released showing his allies trying to bribe opposition lawmakers, Peru’s president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, has resigned
  • The man is a former Wall Street banker who would have gone to an official impeachment trial today, which he appeared likely to lose, and has faced accessions of wrongdoing in graft for a construction project and the pardoning of former President Alberto Fujimoro, who had been convicted of human rights violations

Court proceeding in AT&T-Time Warner merger

  • What the New York Times is calling the largest antitrust case in years is heading to trial with opening statements expected today
  • The Justice Department is attempting to block AT&T and Time Warner from merging into a media giant which would combine AT&T’s nationwide mobile and satellite distribution networks with Time Warner’s vast and profitable media rights

Boko Haram releases schoolgirls

  • The African terrorist group Boko Haram returned dozens of schoolgirls yesterday morning, which was greeted with immense joy and relief by parents, although at least one is still being held and several girls may have been killed or died during captivity
  • The terrorists warned parents to not let their girls ever go back to school again

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