News Roundup

Turkey has taken Afrin

  • Almost exactly two months after launching their incursion into northwest Syria, Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army rebels have taken the city of Afrin
  • A Kurdish leader said “Our forces all over Afrin will become a constant nightmare for them,” with their tactics moving from direct confrontation to guerrilla tactics
  • Several days ago Erdogan repeated that his next step after taking Afrin would be to move to take the city of Manbij to the east, which is currently populated by American forces who have refused to leave and have promised to “respond aggressively” if Turkey invades

McCabe fired, but not losing his pension

  • Although McCabe has lost his job as the FBI Director and has lost some financial benefits, he hasn’t lost his full pension, contradicting earlier reports, and “would need to just go to work with the federal government for another day or so in any job he pleases” to receive benefits

Trump tweets on Mueller

  • After months of relative silence, Pres. Trump used Twitter to harshly criticize Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russiagate investigation, bringing up “tremendous leaking, lying and corruption at the highest levels” and saying that “the Mueller probe should never have been started”
  • Some see this as an early move to attempt to fire Mueller and disband the investigation

Another bombing in Austin injures two men

  • A tripwire may have been the trigger that injured two men last night in Austin, the most recent in a string of bombings which have left two men dead and another two women injured
  • Police have said they believe the explosions are connected and may have to do with race, as all victims have been African-American or Hispanic

Putin reelected as president in Russia

  • Receiving more than 76% of the vote, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was considering changes to the government, including the post of prime minister
  • Leaders from China and Iran sent their best wishes, with Chinese premiere Xi Jinping lauding China’s relationship with Russia as being at its “best level in history”

Saudi Crown Prince comes to DC

  • Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is coming to Washington today and will meet Pres. Trump tomorrow
  • This will a start a two-week trip across America which will include visits to Washington, New York, Silicon Valley, and elsewhere

G20 summit starting today

  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will be representing the United States at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires today, meeting with several partners on the sidelines, including South Korea, France, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom
  • China and Germany have agreed to work together in response to planned American steel and aluminum tariffs

Lee cohosted Alex Jones Show

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