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Who will be McFired?

Russia retaliates in diplomatic skirmish with UK, with Western allies now entering the fray

Ukraine Ex-Pilot Blames Lawmaker for Ties to Maidan Snipers

  • Years after unidentified snipers killed dozens on the Maidan in February 2014, an event which led to mass anger and the ousting of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, a former military pilot who became famous in Ukraine after spending two years in a Russian prison has accused Ukraine’s parliament speaker of being associated with the snipers
  • The lawmaker and former pilot, Nadiyaa Savchenko, told journalists that she saw the speaker Andriy Parubiy leading snipers into a hotel next to the square, although she later said she’d used the wrong name and meant to refer to Serhiy Pashinskiy
  • Ukraine’s top prosecutor soon after accused her of plotting to overthrow the government and asked lawmakers to strip her of her parliamentary immunity, accusing her of plotting to launch an attack on parliament with hand grenades and automatic weapons

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson continues to work

  • State Department Secretary Tillerson will continue to serve until March 31st, but is delegating all authorities for running the department to State Department Deputy Secretary John Sullivan
  • Diplomats working internationally have been told not to publicly report the statement from the Undersecretary of State on how Tillerson was fired by Pres. Trump, who was dismissed soon after releasing the statement which contradicted the official White House line

Right to Try bill failed in House

  • The House has rejected a bill that would give patients with terminal illnesses a right to try unproven experimental treatments
  • The bill was considered under fast-track procedures that required a two-thirds majority for its passage, with most of the opposition coming from Democrats, who said the bill gave false hope to patients and could endanger them
  • The House Republican leader has said the bill is not dead, and that they’ll try again

Vanessa Trump filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.

  • The reasons reportedly include the fact that his tweets had become “unhinged” and that they’d been thrust into the spotlight as a result of her husband leading the Trump Organization
  • The couple fist married in November 2005, two years after Trump Jr’s father, now-Pres. Trump, introduced them at a fashion show

Snow continues to fall in the northeast

Miami pedestrian bridge collapse kills 6, injured 10

  • The pedestrian bridge was still under construction when it collapsed onto a major roadway, crushing over a dozen people
  • More than 100 search-and-rescue crews were dispatched to the scene with heavy equipment, search dogs, and cranes to pour through the rubble and concrete

Man in Pasadena murdered by a boulder thrown onto a freeway

  • California Highway Patrol now believe one or more suspects threw a boulder from an overpass above the 134 Freeway at about 8:55 pm Tuesday night, killing a 23-year-old man who was in a car driven by his wife and with his daughter and mother-in-law

North Korean foreign minister visiting Sweden, potentially site of US-NK talks

  • North Korea’s foreign minister was in Sweden in Thursday, with some speculating that the country may be the site of talks between North Korea and the United States
  • Also mentioned as potential sites for communication between North Korea and the United States are the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea; Washington, D.C.; Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital; Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital; and Switzerland

American military helicopter crashed in Iraq with seven aboard

  • An HH-60 Pave Hawk crashed Thursday in western Iraq, killing some of its seven passengers
  • The helicopter was reportedly ferrying troops, and was not in combat

Brazil protests over popular city councillor’s death

  • After a popular Rio city councillor and her driver were shot dead by two men in what seems like an assassination, tens of thousands are protesting
  • Marielle Franco had become a voice for people in the favelas, and the head of Rio’s public security said there would be a “full investigation” into her and her driver’s death

My Lai Massacre 50th anniversary commemorated today in Vietnam

  • Today Vietnam is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the My Lai massacre, in which American soldiers from Charlie Company were sent on a mission in which the killed 504 unarmed civilians, mostly women, children, and elderly men, despite being met with no resistance
  • A provincial official speaking at the ceremony said the event was a case of “cruel crimes committed by aggressive and hostile forces,” without mentioning the United States by name, but said that his country wants to set aside the past and befriend other countries to build a better future, during a time when relations between the U.S. and Vietnam are at their strongest in many decades

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