News Roundup

Top White House economic advisor Gary Cohn resigning

  • Cohn is expected to leave in the coming weeks, a decision which comes after Cohn warned last week that he might resign if Pres. Trump continued to push for tariffs
  • After Dow futures dropped over 300 points, deep losses are expected at open for the Dow, the Nasdaq, and the S&P 500
  • Peter Navarro, the nationalist protectionist economist who serves as the Director of Trade and Industrial Policy and has historically pushed for the kinds of policies Cohn appears to now be resigning over, is likely the first candidate to become the new Chief Economic Advisor to the president

Trump administration sues California over immigration enforcement

  • The Department of Justice has sued California, Governor Jerry Brown, and the state’s attorney general over 3 laws passed in recent months on Constitutional grounds, saying they made it impossible for federal immigration officials to do their jobs and deport criminals born outside of the United States
  • Jeff Sessions is heading to Sacramento, causing Gov. Jerry Brown to tweet that Sessions had “come to California to further divide and polarize America,” and telling him that his “political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work here. SAD!!!”

Stormy Daniels sues Pres. Trump over ‘null and void’ hush agreement

  • The suit alleges that although Pres. Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 – which Cohen has publicly admitted doing – to keep quiet about a purported affair between the now-President and the porn star, Trump never actually signed the nondisclosure agreement, and that there is nothing preventing Daniels from discussing the issue publicly
  • President Trump has never commented on the issue

Emergency rooms see in opioid overdoses

  • 16 states have seen a 35% increase in visits to the emergency room caused by opioid overdoses in the past year
  • Overdose ER visits increased by 109% in Wisconsin, 105% in Delaware, 81% in Pennsylvania
  • Every demographic group experienced increases in rates of overdose in this period
  • The report does not break down opioids by type

Texas holding first-in-nation primary

  • Texas voters headed to the polls yesterday, with Democrat voters coming out in record numbers, and the state’s election seen as indicative of how this year’s election season will turn out
  • Pres. Trump tweeted support for a number of candidates, including Sen. Ted Cruz and George P. Bush for land commissioner, who is the nephew and grandson of George W. and George H. W. Bush respectively

Weinstein deal is off again

  • The sale of the embattled film firm The Weinstein Company is off again after the investor group which had been negotiating for the purchase of the company pulled out after taking a closer look at the books, which revealed $50 million in undisclosed debt
  • The board of the company called the termination of the deal “just an excuse,” saying they’d been transparent about the company’s “dire financial condition to the point of announcing its own likely bankruptcy last week”

Trump comments on Korea

  • Although calling the statements coming from North Korea “very positive,” he has also said it might be a “false hope”
  • Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said “maybe this is a breakthrough. I seriously doubt it”

U.N. Human Rights Report

  • The UN human rights body has released an annual report indicting a number of nations, with Syria and Myanmar listed as having some of the worst conditions
  • An address delivered by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights focused on Syrian violence against civilians, rising hatred and xenophobia in Europe, the United States’ anti-migrant clampdown, and potential crime against humanity in Venezuela as well as possible “acts of genocide” in Myanmar

Warmest winter on record in Arctic

  • Arctic sea ice is 521,000 square miles below the 30-year normal, and 10 of 15 Arctic weather stations were at least 10F (5.6C) above normal for the winter

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