News Roundup

North Korea willing to talk to US about giving up its nukes, according to South Korea

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has announced that his country is willing to begin negotiations with the United States to abandon its nuclear weapons, and that they would suspend all nuclear and missile tests while engaged in these talks in exchange for a “credible security guarantee
  • North and South Korea will also be holding historic summit talks on their border next month, with the leaders of the nations meeting for the first time and speaking over a telephone hotline

President Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at White House

  • Pres. Trump was effusive in his praise of Israel and the Israeli people, and said that he may attend the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem: “We’re looking at coming. If I can, I will.”
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu was also supportive of Pres. Trump, thanking him for his leadership and “tremendous friendship,” and compared him to Cyrus the Great while focusing on the threat posed by Iran

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg says he will not testify, then says he will

  • After originally saying that he would not comply with a grand jury subpoena and challenging officials to arrest him, the former campaign aide for Pres. Trump Sam Nunberg has apparently now switched his stance and says he’s “going to end up cooperating with them”

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran will resign April 1st

  • After a bellicose campaign cycle in 2014 in which he again won his seat and became the longest current-serving member in Congress after being first elected to the Senate in 1978, Republican Senator Thad Cochran has decided to step down
  • This will lead to a 2018 special election in November, with the state’s other senator, Republican Roger Wicker, also being up for election this year

Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders oppose tariffs

  • Speaker Paul Ryan’s spokeswoman has said that he’s “extremely worried” about the prospect of a trade war, and Ryan has urged the president to reconsider the tariffs
  • The President has said that he may reduce the planned tariffs’ restrictions on Mexican and Canadian imports as a part of NAFTA negotiations
  • During his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Pres. Trump predicted that there would be “no trade war” over the tariffs while restating his support for the tariffs

Florida State Senate restricts rifle sales, arms some teachers

  • The Florida Senate voted 20-18 to approve a school safety plan which would allow teachers and some staff to carry guns in classrooms, and increased the minimum age for gun purchases from 18 to 21 while also imposing a three-day waiting period for any gun purchases
  • The bill will have trouble in Florida’s House, where convictions on each side of the policy aisle are more intense and a compromise more difficult to reach

Snow and rainstorm moving northeast

  • Another storm is set to hit cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia again tomorrow and Thursday, with much of interior New England down to New York City and parts of New Jersey facing a winter storm watch
  • 67,000 were still without power from the storm that walloped Massachusetts a few days ago
  • We had meteorologist Daniel Evans on this morning to talk about this and other weather news

A dozen people arrested in East Lansing ahead of Richard Spencer rally

  • They were arrested as protestors clashed with counter-protestors ahead of a Richard Spencer speech outside a Michigan college campus
  • Among those arrested was the director of operations for Spencer’s organization, the National Policy Institute
  • Meanwhile, Spencer says he can’t hire a lawyer after the Charlottesville riot and attacks

General Mills putting up largest organic farm near Pierre, South Dakota

  • General Mills will be working with Gunsmoke Farms to convert 34,000 acres of land – more than 53 square miles – to organic agricultural production methods to grow organic wheat needed to make Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese line, owned by General Mills since 2014

Former Russia double-agent spy and girlfriend hospitalized in England

  • The couple were exposed to an “unknown substance,” and they are both now in critical condition
  • For the past 36 hours police in hazmat suits have been searching the area, and although it hasn’t been classified as a counter terror investigation, “special resources” from within the counter terrorism network are working with police on the investigation

Fighting in eastern Ghouta in Syria sees its ‘deadliest day

  • A humanitarian aid convoy has been unable to unload supplies in Eastern Ghouta as government warplanes resumed bombarding the enclave, killing at least 70 and belying the calls for daily five-hour ceasefires as mutual attacks continue between rebels and government forces
  • US-aligned militias Afrin have switched their priorities to battle the Turkish-led offensive instead of fighting ISIS terrorists, what Pentagon spokesman Robert Manning called an “operational pause”

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