News Roundup


  • Democrats blocked attempts to begin voting on amendments cracking down on sanctuary cities which Republicans had introduced
  • A Brooklyn federal judge ruled against the Trump administration deciding to shut down DACA, the second federal judge to have done so

Shooting outside NSA headquarters

  • A black SUV pulled up at the entrance to the NSA headquarters and began firing
  • Local media report that three have been shot, although the Fort Meade police spokesman said one had been injured and transported to hospital

Shaun White won the gold, was asked about a sexual harassment complaint, questions quickly shut down by moderator

  • White called the allegations, which came from his former bandmate in a 2016 lawsuit, “gossip,” and later apologized for his choice of words
  • This is the third gold medal of his career

All six intelligence chiefs warned of 2018 Russian election interference

  • They also said they stood last January’s assessment stating Russian government interference in 2016 election
  • We had two segments on this issue this morning

Trump’s attorney says he paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket, was not reimbursed

  • When asked why he made the payment, he said “just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean that it can’t cause you harm or damage. I will always protect Mr. Trump.”

Israeli police suggest corruption charges for Netanyahu, who calls their investigation “biased” and “full of holes, like Swiss cheese”

  • After a yearlong investigation, Israeli police recommended that Netanyahu face prosecution in two cases: a gifts-for-favors affair, and another case involving back-room dealings with the publisher of a popular newspaper

Nations pledge money to rebuild Iraq at the International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq

  • Turkey has pledged $5 billion, Kuwait $2 billion in loans and investment, Saudi Arabia pledged $1.5 billion, and Qatar said it would contribute $1 billion
  • Iraqi officials said they’d require $88 billion total, dwarfing the pledged amount

South African officials raided the home of the Gupta family, allies of Jacob Zuma

  • The governing ANC in the country has said the deadline for Zuma to step down as president is today

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