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We’ve started a new book and film project about the coup against Pres. Trump. If you’re interested you can learn more by watching the Periscope here. We’re going to have big announcements coming on this within the next few days.

News Roundup

Government shutdown briefly faced then averted

  • Convening early Friday morning, the House voted 240-186 to approve the deal, following the Senate voting 71-28, boosting funding for infrastructure, the opioid crisis, multi-year funds for community health centers and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and $90 billion in disaster aid for coastal and Western states, and Puerto Rico, after hurricanes and wildfires in recent months
  • Federal funding expired at midnight and the government was briefly shut down in the early hours this morning as Rand Paul blocked the Senate vote over objections to the bill’s reliance on deficit spending, failing to adhere to 2011 budget caps and the fiscal conservativism
  • It also suspended the nation’s debt limit, which had been $20.456 trillion, through March 1st 2019
  • The New York Times released a scorching piece on conservative hypocrisy in voting against fiscal conservative principles on this new budget

Jonathan Winer published a WaPo piece about the Steele dossier

  • One of the men responsible for the diffusion of the Steele dossier, Jonathan Winer, has written a new piece in the Washington Post about the role he played which you can read here

The Winter Olympics now underway, and the North Korean leader’s sister shakes hands with South Korean president

  • 2,900 athletes from 92 countries are gathering to compete for 102 medals in Pyeongchang, and the sports event will be running from today until the 25th
  • North Korean leader Jim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong arrived in South Korea, and has been pictured shaking hands with the South Korea president, Moon Jae-in, in a historic and important gesture
  • She is the first member of the Kim family to land in rival territory since the Korean War

Another sell-off on Wall Street

  • Dow Jones industrials dropped more than 1,000 points
  • Asian markets again fell sharply, with the Shanghai Composite Index dropping 5.5 percent to end the day at 4 percent down
  • Futures for the Dow and Standard & Poor’s 500 index were up a large .7 percent

’Self-defense’ attack doesn’t mean US involvement in Syrian Civil War, according to Mattis

  • It was self-defense. Obviously, we are not getting engaged in the Syrian civil war,” Mattis said about a retaliatory attack that killed 100 Syrian pro-government forces
  • The Syrian pro-government forces had attacked – but not killed – Syrian Democratic Forces who were accompanied by U.S. officials

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