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News Roundup

VP Pence denied Olympics meeting by both North Korea and gay ice skater

  • Three days after leaving open the idea of meeting with North Korea at the Pyongyang Winter Olympics, and a day after announcing new tough sanctions on them, Vice Pres. Mike Pence has been told by North Korea that they “are not going to use such a sports festival as the Winter Olympics as a political lever” to meet with him, while South Korea calls the whole circumstance a ‘protocol headache’
  • According to USA Today, after offering a meeting with gay ice skater Adam Rippon, Pence was rebuffed due to allegations of support for gay conversion therapy, which Pence has denied. Pence then took to Twitter to push back against reports that there was a division between the two, calling the USA Today report ‘#FAKENEWS’

Pelosi led a record-setting ‘magic minute’ speech on Dreamers

  • In lieu of a filibuster, which isn’t allowed in the House, Pelosi spoke for 8 hours and seven minutes on DACA during what’s called the “magic minute:” a special privilege to speak for longer than 60 seconds accorded to House Speakers and leaders
  • The previous record was set in 1909 by House Speaker Champ Clark, who spoke for five hours and 15 minutes
  • She clutched a kleenex and sported stilettos

Airstrikes in Syria by both sides kill dozens, complicate coalitions

  • At least 27 people were killed and 60 injured by Russian-backed Syrian government air strikes in Eastern Ghouta on Wednesday according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
  • In response to an “unprovoked” and non-fatal attack by pro-government forces on a Syrian opposition group accompanied by U.S. advisers, the US launched air strikes against the Assad—backed forces
  • The situation is complicated by the fact that the Syrian government-backed forces were fighting terrorists, according to SANA, a news agency run by the Syrian Ministry of Information, yet so were the Syrian Democratic Forces which they attacked

Kenyan opposition lawyer who swore in Odinga charged with treason and deported

  • Miguna Miguna, a lawyer for the Kenyan ‘Orange Democratic Movement’ party, was charged with treason and then deported to the Netherlands, reportedly because he lost his Kenyan nationality under a now-defunct law
  • He was charged and deported days after swearing in the Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga in a mock ceremony after Odinga lost a fiercely contested election to Uhuru Kenyatta last year

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