News Roundup

New texts between FBI agents revealed

House approves six weeks spending deal

  • Congress now has a Thursday deadline
  • The bill the House approved would increase military spending through September
  • Trump said he’d “love to see a shutdown” if they didn’t pass immigration reform measures

Democrats cancel retreat

  • Citing the government shutdown, they won’t be leaving for the Eastern Shore this morning for their issues retreat
  • Instead they’ve moved the event to the same building in which they’ll be voting

Democrat memo

  • Now that the memo has been approved by the House Intelligence Committee, Trump faces a choice: fully approve, approve in a redacted form, or fully blocking its release
  • Trump could claim that a heavily redacted form is necessary in order to protect sources and methods

Dow recovered

President Trump has plans for military parade

  • The plans are in their “infancy” and the Pentagon is reviewing potential dates
  • The move is partly inspired by a parade in France on Bastille Day last year, which Trump called “one of the greatest parades” he’d ever seen
  • This comes as North Korea plans to display dozens of long-range missiles during a parade tomorrow

Pence announces North Korea sanctions as North Koreans arrive in Pyeongchang

  • Pence said today that the US would soon announce new sanctions on what he called the planet’s “most tyrannical and oppressive regime” and warned against allowing North Korea to use the Olympics as a chance for propaganda
  • 229 cheerleaders arrived in South Korea for the Winter Olympics alongside taekwondo performers, journalists, and four North Korean Olympics committee members

Falcon heavy successfully launches

  • SpaceX’s largest rocket to date has successfully launched and delivered its payload to space
  • Although the middle booster failed to land on its drone ship, its two side boosters landed successfully
  • A cherry red Tesla Roadster is now on its way to the asteroid belt, and was streaming a live feed back to earth for many hours into its flight

Wynn steps down

  • Steve Wynn’s decision to step down as CEO and chairman of the board for Wynn Resorts comes after a January story in the Wall Street Journal in which dozens of people accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct
  • Wynn has denied the allegations but decided to step down after facing “an avalanche of negative publicity”

German coalition agreement

  • Germany’s center-let SDP and Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU have reached a deal on the division of the country’s key ministries, ending four months of debate since inconclusive elections in September
  • The SDP agreed to control six ministries, including finance and foreign affairs, although the agreement needs the approval of the party’s 460,000 members in the coming weeks

UN calls for ceasefire after intense Syrian fighting

  • This comes after heavy air strikes reportedly killed scores of people near Damascus
  • U.N. war crimes experts say they’re investigating several reports of bombs allegedly containing chlorine gas being used against civilians in the northwest province of Idlib and in Eastern Ghouta suburbs

Earthquake in Taiwan

  • The magnitude-6.4 quake struck at 11:50pm Tuesday 14 miles northeast of the coastal city of Hualien
  • Six people were killed, dozens of people are feared to be trapped, and more than 250 were injured

Federal charges filed against driver

  • The drunken driver suspect who killed the Indianapolis Colts linebacker is facing a charge in federal court
  • Manuel Orrega-Savala of Guatemala was charged with illegal re-entry

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