Lee Stranahan: So when he talked about Seth Rich in one interview, do you think that was him definitively saying, “It was Seth Rich,” or is it possible that he was creating ambiguity? Because I haven’t seen him mention it other places and it doesn’t seem to me like he would be that … If Seth Rich was the source, I don’t think he would have said what he said, because it would seem like a give away and Assange doesn’t do that. So how do you untangle that?
Randy Credico: Well first of all, in the last three times I’ve been around him, I haven’t mentioned Seth Rich at all. Where there’s no conversation about that. I just … I don’t go near that and the 12, 14 shows that I did on Assange back at WBAI, 14 shows in total, I never mentioned Seth Rich at all. It never came up at all. I get people come speculate. I know it was a leak and I know from various sources that it was a leak, who the leaker was, I don’t know, I’m not for sure, but it definitely was a leak. It wasn’t a hack, particularly the … You know, this full padestive by answering something and putting in passwords, his password. Anybody could have broken in to that. But as far as the DNC, it definitely was an inside job because first of all, they wouldn’t allow the FBI to take a look at their server, as you know. So, that’s the give away right there.
Randy Credico: But it could have been Seth Rich, you know he’s a very clever individual, Mr. Assange, and he could have said that to throw people off. Or to keep it ambiguous. That’s what’s good. He does not reveal sources. He does not reveal sources and that’s the reason why people know they can put something in to Wikileaks and not fear reprisal.