Andrei Nekrasov: Well, look, I know Natalia Veselnitskaya pretty well, and I can tell you that first of all, she loves America. Whenever we sometimes would have a heated discussion, and I love America, there’s nothing against America, but she would be more than other people in a group be defending America to say Russians and Americans should get together because we’re very much alike.
Andrei Nekrasov: Her only motivation was to tell the truth, because in many ways, she was desperate. She was desperate to have an American listen to the truth and to the facts that it’s Mr. Browder who is using the system, who’s using America and Europe, because now there was four or five laws. The first one was in America. Now, there was one in Canada and the UK and the Baltics. Basically, laws based on a lie as a cover up, as an alibi for his irregularities.
Lee Stranahan: She sent a testimony in November, and it was completely ignored by the US media, completely ignored.
Andrei Nekrasov: What’s the objective reality at the time? She knows that under Obama and with Obama, Obama’s signature’s on that law, and she was desperate to speak to anybody, any senator, any congressman. I don’t know. You should ask her. Maybe she was hoping that the new government and new administration would be more careful and more interested in checking facts. I don’t know. Maybe that was a motivation, but it was nothing against America. It was nothing even against Hillary Clinton.
Garland Nixon: Well, the other thing is this. In the news, they constantly Natalia Veselnitskaya as a Kremlin lawyer. She’s a Kremlin lawyer, or a Kremlin connected lawyer. What do you know about that, about those allegations, if anything?
Andrei Nekrasov: She is not. I must deny that she’s a Kremlin lawyer, because that’s obvious she’s not a Kremlin lawyer. She’s a lawyer who represented a company, a business company, by the way, not a criminal case. It was a civil case. She was representing a businessman whose father was working for the Russian railway. That doesn’t make her a Kremlin lawyer.
Garland Nixon: Right.
Andrei Nekrasov: This is just a part of, by the way, possibly even Browder’s propaganda.