There is no evidence she did, and in a sworn statement to the U.S. Senate she claimed “I did not w ork with Fusion GPS.”

In response to a Senate request to provide “all documents related to Fusion GPS or Christopher Steele,” Veselnitskaya repsonded:

Not available and have never been available .

I do not know Christopher Steele. I first heard of him from US media.

I did not w ork with Fusion GPS. I know Glenn R. Simpson, whom since 2014 I have viewed as an individual investigator – analyst, a former investigative journalist with a long record of service and experience gained by a team of lawyers for point tasks that arose in conn ection with the preparation for trials, interrogations under case 13-civ-06326 the United States of America v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd. et al., initiated by Browder through the US Attorney’s Office with reference to my client. In my perception, it was Glenn R. Simpson who worked on the Prevezon Case, as to in what capacity – either as an individual or as a company – it was of no interest to me. I do not have any documents as to Fusion GPS.